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Moniac Economy Modeling Hydro Analogue Computer (Yin)

A photo at the Science Museum London of the MONIAC. This Machine has been the subject of several radio documentaries, a book and has kept several governments ahead in economics. Built in 1947 out of old lancaster bomber parts in a garage. This machine can show the true scale of economic modelling by using water as an analogy. This seems pretty relevant in todays turbulent economic times. We have always tried to predict the free markets, but understanding them with a visual aid such as this could show our spending better and more effective than say a red line on a graph. I attended a lecture at Leeds University by Chris Bisell. Apparantly two can be linked to simulate UK / US economy and operates similiar to a human heart in terms of fluid flow. I read up alot on fluid dynamics in a fleeting chance I could replicate this machine in a different way but engineering isnt my forte. A newer link for more information :


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