Exhibiting Students


Design by Independent Project

Jonathan Lin                       
Janette Liu
Paritta  Siriwattanakate
Monica Thom

Sequential Design and Illustration

Jaesun Ahn
Emma R Ballard                          
Adam Barker
Holly T Burrows
Aideen Canning          
Irene Christoudes
Lizzie Crook          
Shuang Dong
Sian Kellaway
Joanna Kerr                           
Yumi Okuda                             
Eun Young Park                     
Katherine Rushton                  Eena Shin
Lou Trigg
Patricia West

Course Information
Sequential design and Illustration Design by Independent Project




This exhibition celebrates work developed by students on the MA Sequential Design and MA Design by Independent Project, at Brighton University.

These combined courses attract diverse artists and designers from a range of creative disciplines.

What draws these practitioners together
is the process of telling a story. Themes include memory, subculture, journey, statistics, and transformation.

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Enquiries please email: hello@zero8ma.com